Monday, July 4, 2011

Footsteps Voyage

Here i am, an anonymous upperworld figure. By running on the invisible distance, my power and minds are going to echo through the space eternity. Even without name, i am definetely something. In my journey, i always took a look around. Saw in the hazy distance, the jagged ridge of surrounding hills, ocean, and above, the moon. And the sky, which seemed to be just a high unaattainable plate-glass window. My mind said, I've seen and think higher. I have seen such all the visions in coma. The stars are dots, and so are humans. Space expand like watching grass grow, filled with awe and wonder. The-surface-of-life things that gather waves of lovely memories. That time, I’m riding my boat till out of line, surfing the inspirations balanced with knowledge and nothingness, and unlike the dreamer who has woken but lies unmoving in bed, I’m different. I'm a kingdom of space.

That day, I’m turning on television and there's news, and life remains a separate entity from that news. People still have to wash underpants during war. There's history on the news: “Neil Armstrong has landed, and he's not a God”. Why waste time on insoluble problems? Why would they smash the heads of their neighbours together over different opinions? Why don’t we hustle to our own imagination? Reality doesn't evolve around the tears that come after watching a television commercial for baby soap. And humans. Sometimes they’re just busy being philosopher while philosophising is overrated. People do are just sit around and think, then grow fat. With this smell of stale cigarette breath, rather choose to cross the boundaries...and kicking the stones to act.

I’m laughing. I know, i’m one of those humanbeings. I’m not a tiger. I’m not an elephant. I’m not a monkey. But there’s a thin line. Mammal. That's how they are. They don't think, they repeat. They don't digest, they copy. The only true way of thinking for themselves is to create options of their own, options that never exist. I have to choose. I wasn’t realized that i was being an amateur idealist. Amateur? Yeah.. there are moments when they say i had to learn that i'm not a handyman by nature. The objects constructed by me that exist in the world are few, but i built it optimastically to rock this earth! Put up signs, sell it! But then again..... Guess i have to put back my idealism, back on track. Again, I’m only humanbeing afterall.

So I decided not to peek from around corner to corner. I put on my shoes, thoughts to be expanded and put into chapters. I’m trying to break in. Just like sudden chaotic ideas that leap and breach into my brain that makes my head twitch, there’s nothing perplexing to me about a big bang, big progress. Progress like we’re living like there’s no tomorrow, but still doing nothing. Hell yeah in progress we trust. From life..including love. Love is powerful, but so is addiction. By the beauty of the free-swimming blooms, beware of the truth, is she really beautiful or another crazy gangster? Life, love, others, the whole thing is mistery to us.

Footsteps were the only sound down there, i'm wearing my best suit. Listening my favorite tunes, humming and not to forget bringing my toothbrush. I'm taking the journey of my sanity, to the place where real dreaming is contagious.

I am what i am. I’ve never run out of time anyway.

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